My Review Of The aveoTSD

My husband started snoring and it drove me up the wall, so he purchased one of these stop snoring mouthpiece to help him, and is not like your normal anti-snoring mouthpieces. Unlike most of the mandibular advancement devices you may have seen, this one functions and appears slightly different. Especially when you are discussing what it looks like when you insert it into your mouth. But the end results that this device has given me make up for that. Backed by 5 years of research this non-invasive device will help you stop snoring, however, it is not my first choice I still highly recommend it.



Medical Grade Silicone

Design By Doctors Through Clinical Studies

No Fitting Process Needed

Available in 3 sizes

6 Month Warranty

Can Be Used With TMJ Issues, Dentures, Missing Teeth, Crowns, Caps, and Bridgework

Not Available Without A Prescription

May Cause Excessive Drooling

Can Leave Tongue Fairly Sore If Worn Incorrectly

How Does It Work

The majority of MADs work to stop your snoring by holding your jaw in the forward position. This opens up your airways and allows you to breath more soundly at night. This device on the other hand, works in an entirely different way by holding your tongue in place to prevent it from falling in the back of your throat.


On the suction end of the aveoTSD you insert your tongue, while the rest of the device sits between your lips and teeth. It will than hold your tongue forward while you sleep—similarly to how MADs hold your jaw forward.

How To Use It

  1. When you get your aveoTSD you want to rinse it under hot water for about 15 seconds. This will soften the silicone and make it easier for you to fit it into your mouth.
  1. Once you have run it under hot water, put the tip of your tongue into the bulb and squeeze the sides to create a suction.
  1. Some users have found that squeezing the sides in a short pulsating pattern helps to position it onto your tongue easier. So try both methods to see which works best for you.
  1. Wear the device around the house as much as you can when you first get it to help you get used to the feeling of wearing it.

My Husbands Experience

The aveoTSD is only available through prescription, so I had to obtain one from my physician. With my insurance it cost me only a little over $100 for one. They typically average between $90 and $140 each. Once I got home with mine, I immediately put it on so I could start to get used it. They recommended that I wear it for up to a week around the house to do this.

It took me a couple of evenings to get it right. The first night I found that I drooled a bit more than I have with other devices that I have used. The next night it fell off in the middle in the night. But the third evening I was able to take my time on achieving the proper suction to keep it in place properly. My wife informed me that she had woken up in the middle of the night and found that I was quietly sleeping, which is a rare thing in my household.

LUVS super absorbent diapers and Loyalty Club

luvsIf your little one wakes up several times a night leaving you sleep deprived, why not try Luvs Super Absorbent Diapers with Leak-guards? They are even more absorbent than regular Luvs Diapers as much as 15%. They can be easily bought at any Walmart outlet. Super for a baby’s goodnight sleep and mum’s too. The extra-large sizes are available too for older kids that struggle with bed wetting problem. How thoughtful and convenient. The Leak guard guarantees to protect any seepage on bed sheet. The guarantee comes with another surety; you will not lose money if the product doesn’t deliver what it claims. Yes! Money back guarantee! All that’s required on your behalf is to send in an un-used diaper with the receipt, if the diapers leak. You’ll have your money back.

Another incredible offer is the Luvs club that offers its membership to provide you with several benefits. The loyalty club membership can be obtained for free and easy to access as it is processed online. Assort and pile Diaper coupons and avail several benefits like increased concessions and better offers.


Very economical, high quality offered for incredibly low price, so far I have seen. I calculated the price per piece for a size 6 diaper which turned out to be $0.16. If you decide to use a coupon digits can get even lower. Many different packages are offered online and you can pick one out according to your requirements. Perfect choice for the parents on a budget who want nothing but the best quality for their little one.

LUVS Club; Details and advantages:

Their loyalty program that free to join brings to moms many saving options, free diapers occasionally and useful tips all year round. All you have to do is sign up.

More Features:

Properly curved shape facilitates the fit on your baby. Super-absorbent and gel layer inside that locks the moisture. Side straps are stretchy and soft for a comfortable fit. They can stick easily in place multiple times. Leakage protection with a stretchy barrier lining the diaper that runs inwardly along the thighs of the baby.

Duerr’s Jams and Marmalades

Bread, muffins or pastries combined with jam or marmalade, what not to love here? Sandwiches are made easy and their sweet and tangy taste can add flavor to many recipes. I am a huge fan of jams and marmalade’s and few flavors are my personal favorites like raspberry and orange. I wouldn’t have picked any other flavors but Duerr’s sent me a couple different flavors to review and here it goes.


The first I tried was apricot jam and it was delicious. It was silky, sweet, fruity rich. It went perfect with cream pastries. I tried it in a couple of baking recipes of grilled potatoes and carrots and coated the veggies with the jam before baking. Outstanding results, the jam can be used as a glaze for a wide variety of recipes really. I am thinking banana bread next coated with Duerr’s apricot jam.

Another classic would be filling the jam in shortbread biscuits, moist and luscious cookies and jam, heavenly!

Marmalade is used with cheese or butter in Swedish sandwich and toast recipes. Sweet and tarty marmalade makes an excellent combination with butter and cheese.

Duerr’s grapefruit marmalade was unexpectedly tasty. It offered an intriguing and inviting flavor as opposed to regular orange flavor. The zesty flavor component of grapefruit made a good idea in marmalade.

Try bread slices with butter and marmalade spread on it with nuggets of British cheddar sprinkled all over. Yum!

JACS Baby Carrier Review

JACS Baby Carrier-reviewThe JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System is a brand new baby carrier introduced in 2015 fall. So what is new? It is a baby carrier right? What makes it stand out among other baby carriers is it is designed keeping in mind the daddies, specially the outdoor lovers. The skillfully designed all purposed baby carrier is unique in its ways since it offers convertible components that hold many things and is adjustable to a person’s need.

The reason behind its very elaborate design is that its maker and creator of Babyjacs, UK Limited, Scott Haslam, once had to ride a plane. With his first trip with his son jack, Scott was carrying tons of stuff, along with his son in a baby carrier (branded) and shoulders crowded with bag packs and shoulder bags all so inconveniently hanging altogether. Finding it difficult to balance himself with the son and stuff Scott felt determined to find a practical solution to the situation. The outcome was not just handy but stylish too. With carrying equipment and systems designed for daddies Scott begun his own company.

The starting year 2012 proceeded with added designs. The degree of reliability of product to brace a dad’s lifestyle was checked and finally a baby carrier exclusively for fathers was introduced in the market.

Military level super-reliable materials are what the baby carriers based upon. Very direct and conveniently designed, the JACS is different because;

  • Compatible
  • Adaptive
  • Lasting
  • Commodious

The belt is comfortably mounted on the back and front both. It has 8 different adjustment options and it can serve other purposes just as well besides carrying baby.

The price range for JACS Starter Package begins at £125 that includes the belt, baby carrier, and a standard bag pack. Bonus features include chest-pocket, straps for back-carrying, which can be obtained separately or are already included to the JACS Complete Package worth £150.

The bag pack is usable with extras or separately both, very well padded and has got sufficient space for baby stuff like diapers, wipes bottles etc.

Check out the pictures provided to see how well it may fit. It can even accommodate bigger kids like two year olds during hiking for example. But kids that age might themselves not like being lift in harness. Perfect for new-born and small babies though. The current version of JACS doesn’t offer much padding on the shoulders feeling a bit hard there. When worn perfectly JACS is positioned above the hips and weight shift gets on the shoulders. But better padding can be an additional feature in further versions to come.

As far as I am concerned with all my honesty I can say JACS is the most adjustable baby carrier I have seen till today. For dads who love the soldier attire JACS also offers a Camo Pattern, how great is that?